Jazzy Lixx

Black on Black Crime - Jazzy Lixx

Jazzy Lixx had her ass kicked sexually. Whores, let this be a life lesson to you. If some pimp tells you that he can make you a famous porn star and all you have to do is fly across the country for a test shoot… then you’re being fucked over. This is what happened to this gap toothed moron. She was stranded in Philly with not enough money to get back home to Los Angeles. Me, being the good samaritan, scraped together a last minute shoot so this whore can get back home to make even more bad life decisions.

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Black on Black Crime - Sparkles

Hardcore dyke Sparkles gags on black dick. Worst shoot ever! Let me explain. Sparkles is a hardcore dyke… so why she is here doing hardcore porn with a guy that’s humiliating and degrading is beyond me. My guess is that she needs money for Ellen Degeneres tickets or something. Here is a girl that literally hates every second she has to suck cock and get fucked. Have you ever tried slapping a black lesbo in the face? No? Trust me… don’t try unless you have a strong pimp hand because these bitches will piss and moan all fucking night. The best part of this video is the surprise ending. Trust me, it’s better than any shit M Knight Shyamalan could ever dream up… and it was real.

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Black on Black Crime - Felisha

Felisha gets her ass kicked. I want to make fun of Felisha, but honestly… she was a trooper. She didn’t complain once. Sure, she can drop about 40-80 pounds, but she has enormous tits… and they’re real, and that counts for something. She was put through the ringer, too. She was slapped around, spit on, choked, made to puke and at the end of the shoot… thanked us for kicking her ass and opening her up to a new experience. Thanks for being the best whore you can be, Felisha!

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Black on Black Crime - Kitty

Cum dripped from Kitty’s forehead. Kitty’s boyfriend is currently serving time in prision for manslaughter or something… so hopefully, he never sees this video. With that being said, this bitch is a dead fuck. She must not have had sex during the years he was locked up. The financial burden of life finally caught up and forced her to sell that black ass. As the strange cock penetrated her, she just shut down. Her body was limp and her eyes were dead inside. She tried to go to her happy place but was brought back to reality as the cum dripped from her forehead.

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Deseray Juelz

Black on Black Crime - Deseray Juelz

Deseray is an aspiring singer, but it’s not a microphone that’s going to be pressed up against her lips today… it’s a rock hard black cock. No one said show business is easy, and unfortunately for this dumb fucking twat, she’s going to learn that the hard way. Keep reaching for the stars, Deseray. Look on the bright side, after doing this… the only place you can go is up.

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Black on Black Crime - Victoria

Victoria is a gold digging ho that uses men for their money. Victoria is a sexy young black that’s making her first porn. She’s was all excited to be making an adult film until the barf flew from her mouth… then the shame set in. At that point, it was too late… she was already a whore and she may as well just follow through with her bad decision. But don’t feel sorry for her, she’s your typical gold digging ho that uses men for their money. It’s about time someone tricked this bitch out. As she chewed on the nut sauce, she had time to reflect on all the men she took advantage of and how they’re going to take great solace in masturbating to her being degraded.

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Poison Ivy

Black on Black Crime - Poison Ivy

With her ugly green dreadlocks, Poizon Ivy looks like a cross between Bob Marley and Predator… but this pig loves the rough stuff. Spooky slapped her around like the degenerate whore she is and she just took it. You can tell she’s been desensitized from humiliating sex by her pimp. He probably kicks her ass on the regular. Good for him!

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Black on Black Crime - Marshae

Uggh… I think I’m going to vomit. Ladies, this is not “phat” or “thick”. This is “gross” and “disgusting”. Weighing 400 pounds is not healhty, nor is it sexy. I only booked this whore for the freak show aspect. Trust me, I don’t want to encourage women to let themselves go in this manner. Marshae is probabably African for “marshmallow”. Don’t worry, we gave jelly belly the full work over. We force fed her cock until she puked up some calories. She should be thanking us for helping her try and slim down.

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Lisa Rivera

Black on Black Crime - Lisa Rivera

Lisa travels the country spreading pleasure. Lisa spends a lot of time traveling the country spreading pleasure (and probably numerous STD’s) to her fans. When her pussy landed in my state, I set up this shoot. I was a little disappointed in her appearance because she resemembled Jabba the Hut… kinda ugly and soft in the middle. Spooky did his best to break her down, but let’s be honest… a whore this seasoned has seen it all. Barring hitting her with a sack of oranges, it’s all “been there, done that” to her.

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Pretty Brown Skin

Black on Black Crime - Pretty Brown Skin

LOL… this skank snuck out of the house wearing her hospital scrubs so her boyfriend wouldn’t know she’s about to do some shady shit. That’s a cold bitch right there. What’s even better is that this is her first porn, and man… we kicked her ass. She barfed all over herself and left smelling like a vat of jizz. I wonder how she’s going to explain that to her boyfriend. Maybe she’ll tell him that they had a surprise bukkake for her at work. Oh, and from certain angles this ho looks like Arsenio Hall in drag. Word!

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